Sustainable, resilient and capable of learning?

These three topics decisively determine how well organizations find their way in the “new world”, in the midst of political and economic, social and ecological problems.
For too long we have believed in limitless growth, “overlooked” overexploitation of nature and – last but not least – the increasing political and social tensions and conflicts.
Now it’s high time to take care of these issues yourself before it’s definitely too late.

How good is your organization’s sustainability performance?

In the future, sustainability performance will become a key success factor even for small companies and organizations when it comes to financing and politically enforcing projects, procuring raw materials and components, placing products and services on the market and getting well-trained employees.

Since 2022, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental social and governance (ESG) criteria have been binding and increasingly decisive indicators of corporate performance for almost all companies, including millions of SMEs.  On the basis of these goals and criteria, which are now also legally binding in most markets and for most investors, we have developed a tool-based procedure for evaluating one’s own attitude and behavior to the sustainability requirements, with which you can evaluate your corresponding performance in the management circle and plan the necessary actions.

How resilient is your organization?

The resilience of organizations has not been too much of an issue for several decades, and the global economy has helped to lull entire industries and continents into the security of almost limitless growth and resource consumption. The dependence on (cheap) energy suppliers and manufacturers of technical components has become more than painfully aware of us due to the abrupt change in the global political situation.

We provide you with the Resilience Check, a tool-supported procedure for self-assessment and strengthening your own organizational resilience. This enables them to form their own picture of their strengths and weaknesses in a short time and with reasonable effort  and to  develop their own strategy to strengthen their resilience.

Is Yours a learning organization?

The learning capability of organizations is not a completely new topic, but apparently one in which organizations and their leaders do not like to look into the cards. The knowledge of the ability to learn becomes a success factor, especially in these turbulent times. We need creativity, agility, experimentation, courage for new solutions and strategically planned and organized learning.

The American professors David Garvin, Amy Edmondson and Francesca Gino have  developed, tested and equipped  an assessment tool for the assessment of the learning capability of organizations with benchmarks that allow them to determine the potential for improvement of the learning ability and to take the necessary measures.

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