‘Differences in perspective you can action’


What is Global Network Consulting (GNC)
Global Networking Consulting (GNC) is an interdisciplinary collection of consultants from different countries united in the simple goal of utilising our differences for our clients to achieve ‘more than the sum of their parts’.

Fiona Martin
John Gibney
Nuala Dent

Elmar Simma

Siegfried Wien

Elco Schwartz

We are constantly expanding the GNC Group. If you are interested in working with us, write to Fiona Martin, Socioanalytic Organisational Consultant, Coach & Researcher.


Home of a leading Real Time Strategic Change – Process:
The Group Strategy in Action Program (GSAP) by Dr. Irving Borwick.

Irving Borwick’s lifetime ambition to build a bridge between ideas and action has been achieved by his development of the Group Strategy Action Program (GSAP). We believe this way of working with the individuals, groups and the organizational system to be a central pillar of our services.

The GSAP was developed, tested and perfected by Dr. Irving Borwick over more than 20 years. Numerous companies have used this process with great success, including Daimler Benz, DHL and TMobile Austria. Simma & Partner Consulting uses BORWICK INTERNATIONAL’s change management programs since more than 30 years. The Group Strategy and Action Program is one of the best in the field of “Real Time Change” procedures.

If you want to read more about the Group Strategy and Action Program an email to Fiona Martin.


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